Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, November 2016: Star Radio Group, a private radio broadcast company with a total of 4 radio stations, ‘Suria FM’, a Malay language radio oriented for Malay communities, ‘988 FM’ a Chinese language radio channel focusing on Chinese communities, Red FM and Capital FM, English language radio focusing on the urban communities in Malaysia has recently upgrade their Master Control Room for an effective audio monitoring with Stagetec Asia software ‘XGUI-Multimeter’.

XGUI- Multimeter is an extended version of  XGUI modular software that developed by Stagetec Asia’s R&D team that utilize touch-screen to provide a user-friendly control to Nexus, a digital audio routing and network system. The new software version allowing operators to monitor any important signals in a single view, a productive workflow especially for large broadcaster with a multiple radio channels. Due to that reason,  XGUI software is an ideal choice for Star Radio Group as it able to display a total of 60 Stereo meters at one time for their 4 radio stations.  On top of that, the level meters are freely configurable as Input or output meter and the technical operators can configure base on their workflow requirement.

The system also features an alarm system that will detect any failure for incoming or outgoing signal and also workstation speaker. Due to the prompt alarm system, operators are able to reduce the downtime by taking fast action to recover the failure.

Developer of XGUI, Mr.Yap Wei Keong commented on his creation “XGUI-Multimeter is a real advantage to Nexus’s users as it combine Nexus Logic and XGUI function. We are able to help the customer to improve their system workflow and more automated task can be designed to simplify the workflow and reduce errors”.

Technical officer of Star Radio Group Mr. Anuar Khan commented “ Our technical team is really happy with the XGUI implementation and we look forward in using XGUI for many years ahead”.



Stagetec Asia Managing Director with Star Radio Group Technical team pose in front of XGUI Multimeter.