Stagetec Media Academy is a platform to enhance your skill and knowledge to face the ever-changing technology at present time. The Academy established to bring the most needed professional training, seminars and workshops in the broadcasting as well as the live sound fields. As technology is moving fast, these professional training, both theoretical and practical will ensures all working technical personnel and operators to learn and improve relevant skills, know-how and techniques. The Academy has a good network of experts and professional trainers from all over the world. We bring only the best and experience trainers for the academy. These training and seminars ranging from technical system design to operation and from right mixing technique and concept to producing best content.

Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound Training Academy in Malaysia  

We are an authorized Dolby training centres in Malaysia which bring top-notch hands on training, seminars and workshop that fully understand the needs of skill improvement. The academy aims to provide quality training that will encourage our media industry to continue to evolve, producing more creative content.

Industry expertise Trainer

Being as one of the leading distributors in Broadcast industry, we have a connection to the industry expertise in various field across the world. With years of experiences, our trainers able to adapt real case studies that is relevant for participants understanding.

Full Fledged Facilities

Our training facilities capable in accommodating up to 30 students at one time for any lectures or group discussion. Apart from that, our production room is designed for Dolby 5.1 surround sound feature and it is attached with voice over booth for live recording purposes. Our on-air radio studio is capable of live broadcasting from the facility to any other location around the world. Our master control room (MCR) is equipped with servers and transmission equipment system. All of the rooms are interconnected and equipped with audio, video and internet connection.

Stagetec Academy aims at having effective programme that suit to adult style of learning. We use problem base situation that helps participants reflect to the everyday situation in the working field. On top of that we believe in hands on training and memory/knowledge retention to every individual that enrolled in our courses. We also innovate our courses to adapt to the latest technology & workflow from time to time.

List of Programme

Technical  courses  
The Next Generation Audio – Audio Over IP AVAILABLE
Demystifying Advanced Digital Audio- Dolby Technology Application

(Designing & Distributing Multichannel Audio)

Dante Certification Training REGISTER
Advanced Elite Training Coming Soon
DHD Audio Seminars Coming Soon
Nexus Seminars Coming Soon
Audio Levelling & Loudness Coming Soon
Untangling the signals in Cables: Understanding cables & connection Coming Soon
Setting up home theatre : DIY Coming Soon
Decoding Dolby: Demystifying  Digital Audio Technology Coming Soon
Surround Sound Production Coming Soon
Sound Design & Setup Coming Soon
Professional Audio Mixing Coming Soon
 Crescendo Training  
 Basic Audio Skills Training  

Non-Technical courses

Non-Technical courses  
Copy Writing for Advertisement Coming Soon
Increase sales via Social Media Coming Soon
Learn Basic video Technique for Business Promotion Coming Soon
Mastering Effective English Communication In Organization Coming Soon
Customer service skill in retail Coming Soon
Grooming & Make Up class for TV Broadcasting Coming Soon
Grooming And Presentation For Front Desk Coming Soon
Go-Pro Workshop for Creative Video Production Coming Soon
Media Branding Strategy Coming Soon
Mastering Market Research for Business Coming Soon
Conquering Speaking & Presentation Skills Coming Soon
Using Ipad to start Online Business Coming Soon
Marketing Campaign for TV & Radio Production Coming Soon
Ideas Production less than a minute Coming Soon
Understand your consumer by Market Profiling & Segmentation Coming Soon

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