From left: Director of Sound Innovations, Mr. Stanley Edward and his team together with Stagetec Asia’s Engineers Mr.Leong Tong Sing and Mr. Paul Lim.

Kuala Lumpur, July 2019 – Sound Innovations Sdn. Bhd. , is one of the main players in event management and live sound market in Malaysia has recently appointed Stagetec Asia Sdn Bhd to provide the company with the proper and improved wireless intercom for their operational use. Stagetec Asia is a Malaysia-based distributor company, specializing in audio infrastructure network for live sound and broadcast industry. Stagetec Asia is also an exclusive partner of Stage Tec GmbH, a Berlin based manufacturer of broadcast grade professional audio mixing consoles and audio/media router.


In order to bring the best solution for Sound Innovation event’s operation, Stagetec Asia has provided Riedel’s wireless intercom Bolero for the company. As an all-new wireless intercom system, it capable of supporting 10 belt packs per antenna and up to 100 antennas in a single deployment, Bolero is a true game-changer. Bolero redefines the wireless intercom category with features such as ADR (Advanced DECT Receiver) with multiple-diversity and Radio Frequency anti-reflection technology for greater Radio Frequency robustness and overcomes the common multipath issues.

On top of that, the belt pack are designed precisely for smoother, no-hassle and efficient operation, integrated with blue tooth connectivity, portable desktop key panel and Walkie-Talkie. For flexible movement each belt pack does not need manual registration, it only require ‘Touch & Go’ with the antenna for   fast – way channel syncing. 

Stagetec Asia has successful deployed and consulted Sound Innovations on the overall performance of   ‘Bolero’ Wireless Intercom. “We are honoured to assist such a big player in the industry. Sound Innovations has always been great in the market, and to be part of them is just honourable”, said Mr Advon Tan, the Managing Director of Stagetec Asia.

“Our senior engineer has done a short training with Sound Innovations team on using Riedel’s Bolero. We are not just going to stop here, we are ready to assist them in everything regarding to this great wireless intercom, any time”, added Mr. Advon Tan.