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Stagetec Asia have reputable credentials  in Studio Broadcast Design mainly in Radio and TV studios. One of the notable project conducted is Sejong Theater  Korea, Astro Arena, KBS Broadcasting, RTM Malaysia and others. We provide platinum grade broadcast services in all aspects ; Broadcast & Live Sound solutions,   Emergency Play out system  and Audio /broadcast training.

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Our technical team with many years of experience in broadcast engineering, are able to support any project, with satisfactory results, right up to completion.

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Precision, adeptness and customer satisfaction is our motto in carrying out our day to day business, as an audio broadcast equipment principles for the media industry. We are constantly strive to provide customer service culture that seconds to none.

You’ll never have a product or price advantage again. They can be easily duplicated, but a strong customer service culture cant be copied.” Jerry Fritz








Intelligent Emergency Playout System (IEPS) is fully automated emergency and backup solution that is a must for all Radio and DAB broadcasters in this century. It provides complete redundant audio signals that ensure automated and intelligent audio switching capability and playout audio scheduling if any transmission channel chain is faulty. IEPS solution in designed with latest technology and methodology. No more chunky wiring with switching relays and CD players on the emergency playout.

With IEPS, there will be no off-air situation anymore!

How it works:

  1. The intelligent Nexus audio router will detect any audio input signal (one or more channels simulteanously) level if it has dropped to pre-determined low level within a specified period of time. It will switch the audio from Main input channel to Secondary/Standby audio channel to be sent to the output. Alarm will be activated.
  2. If the Secondary input channel fails too, Nexus will trigger Zenon Media to start the emergency playout automation. Manual bypass is also available.
  3. If there is no Secondary input, it will automatically trigger the Zenon Media to start the emergency playout automation after the Main input signal chain failed.
  4. If the Main (or Secondary) input audio signal back to normal, Nexus will switch back the original route and Zenon Media playout automation will stop and return to pre-determined playlist.


  • It is modular and customizable system. Small or large broadcasters can make good use of IEPS!
  • Fully automated without any intervention of the users. Configurable automated timer for emergency switching by end-users
  • Interactive and user-friendly touch screen GUI monitor. Capable to monitor multiple input and output channels simultaneously!
  • IEPS is using world-renown Stagetec’s Nexus Audio Router and Zenon Media’s playout system
  • Small footprint size and no more wiring and cables! IEPS utilizes not more than 6 RU!
  • Supports the existing Radio Automation system* audio files format for the emergency playout system
  • Supports any audio format and audio files that is available in the broadcasting industry
  • Emergency Playout scheduling can be defined by end-users with any songs or advertisements
  • IEPS solution is very competitively priced



Stagetec Academy is a platform to enhance your skill and knowledge to face the ever-changing technology at present time. The Academy established to bring the most needed professional training, seminars and workshops in the broadcasting as well as the live sound fields. As technology is moving fast, these professional training, both theoretical and practical will ensures all working technical personnel and operators to learn and improve relevant skills, know-how and techniques.

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