Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, November 2016: RTM Studio 5, are among the earliest and notable project won by Stagetec Asia for RTM tender. The classics Stagetec Auratus XL console have served as a broadcast mixer use for the news production in RTM Studio 5 and recently it received a new software upgrade to Crescendo Platinum. The console first installed in year 2004, has a proven track record of delivering sustainable and pristine audio for the national live telecast viewers.

Due to stability and reliability of the Stage Tec system, RTM would like to experience the latest technology by Stage Tec, which is The Platinum series. Stagetec Auratus XL console has upgraded to Crescendo Platinum 4.0 firmware, which allowing users to experience the high resolution display of NEXUS graphics, the expanded input selection of each channel and Mosart control that support for different cross-fade times, ducking and the colour coded scene automation.  

“The Platinum series represents our most powerful consoles use for live mixing and production, thus it is about time and a wise decision for studio 5 to upgrade to platinum series. It will improve and ensures an effective workflow with the new channel functions and deep integration of existing Nexus audio network”, highlighted by the Managing Director of Stagetec Asia, Mr. Advon Tan.

Mrs. Mashira, News Engineer in RTM commented, “ It is easy and quick for us to familiarised with the new features in the Crescendo Platinum because the stability system and optimum audio quality has already been built in to integrate with NEXUS architecture. So far, we are happy with the upgrade and we look forward using the new firmware for many years ahead”.



Mrs. Mashira , RTM News Engineer with Mrs. Hana, Stagetec Asia Sales Engineer infront of Stagetec Auratus console.