Radio Solution

After more than 30 years experience in Broadcasting we are able to propose software solution from small private up to large national broadcaster., “The All in One Audio’ Broadcast Package is designed for radio stations- from single commercial broadcaster until nationwide networks. All in one audio is designed for easy to use. With the modern user interface, your DJ’S don’t need more than half and hour to be ready to broadcast.



Microsoft.Net & QT in a latest operating systems

System operates  (Windows, Linux, UNIX, Apple) with different database ( MS-SQL, MySQL, Sybase)

Easy Licensing Policy with shared license. No monthly fees – license for a lifetime.

Variety of tools: Music Scheduling, Audio Editing , Statistics.

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Web Radio

Some modules are specifically adapted for the needs in Web Radio. Streaming driver.We propose complete solution including streaming hosting and stream delivery pay by use. Product Detail






Regional Splitting

Zenon-Media is leader in broadcast automation for Networking, splitting and database sharing.
It can play more local content with splitting frequencies.
Play regional commercials for customers active in certain parts of region.
Build campaigns for customers while you link some regions. Able to mix local content with regional content.
Play regional news, weather forecast or traffic reports; even of regional voice tracks while  you playing the same music.

Play regional jingles direct from playlist or from cart player immediately  -for you DJ’s this makes no difference.
Its not important where your regional player is , in your headquarter or local! You are free to do what ever you want!
Safe cost – you don’t need more staff to manage this.

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Editing Tool

Multi format, multi frequency is our keyword. All format are edit non destructive without conversion. Different modules can be used to make recording or editing. Depending if you need an automatic record process , manual recoding, time shifting,… you will use te appropriate software module in our product range. Product Detail