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Yellowtec commits to highest quality standards. Nearly all our products are manufactured in Germany. Premium materials and exclusive German craftsmanship make the products stand out.


Mika Mounting System



Mic Arm

Let m!ka become your microphone’s reliable companion. Mount its clamp to the standard 5/8″ thread and hook it up via the arm’s inboard mic cable. The arms are pre-weighted to fit most standard microphones. Whenever needed you can fine balance the arm by adjusting the internal spring system. Even heavy microphones can be perfectly counterbalanced for untroubled use.  

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mika_monitorarms_aluminumMonitor Arm

Making m!ka even more flexible, the monitor arms’ head joints now offer easier adjustment. With their design, you are able to independently set the friction of your monitor’s horizontal and vertical tilt. You want to easily tilt your monitor vertically without changing its horizontal position? No problem. Take the next step in tailoring your setup. 

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iXm Recording Microphone



The iXm Recording Microphone

The iXm Recording Microphone is a universal recording device which is especially developed for journalists. Reduced to efficiency, it is equipped with an easy-to-use instrument panel. The iXm’s onboard LEA DSP Engine gives you perfect audio levels in every recording. Interchangeable microphone heads provide for flexibility in the matter of pickup pattern.

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PU2C – USB Audio Interfacing



PUC2. The most dynamic USB Audio Interface.

As a compact two‑channel high-definition audio interface, PUC2 combines simple setup with a clever modular design. It comes with digital connections and in various versions providing you with different analog panels on top. Just the way you need it.

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Intellimix – Desktop Mixing

intellimix-desktop-mixer-sIntellimix – Desktop Mixing

Intellimix. Enjoy a whole new mixing experience.

Intellimix will simplify your daily work and stimulate your creativity. Get in touch with uncompromising usability. Be it media, audio production or audio for video – you will discover amazing features and a set of well-thought out control elements like the revolutionary G-Touch© faders. Simpler and smarter – that’s our next generation Intellimix!

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litt – Light and Sound Signaling


  litt. Perception is everything.

litt-combinations-sExperience a whole new kind of signaling. With forward thinking options. Developed as an innovative, high-tech LED signaling device, litt brings convenience and flexibility. Programmable light and flash patterns, ultra-bright CleanVision® LED technology, sleek design and an easy assembly system coalesce to create a new class of lighting design. Unmistakably different.

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