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The AVATUS is Stage Tec’s latest mixing-console design. It is fully IP-based and integrates smoothly into existing TCP/IP Ethernet networks, supports numerous control protocols, and thus allows for setting up remote productions with unprecedented flexibility. The console is designed for broadcasting, theatre, and live applications.

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aurus_website_300x200-copyAurus Platinum

Combines tried and tested reliability with cutting edge features and a freshly updated user interface. AURUS Platinum represents our most powerful tool for live mixing and production including a new touch pad, new central functions for fast and effective workflow and deep integration with the NEXUS audio network.

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crescendo_platinum-1Crescendo Platinum

In addition to its sheer processing power, other highlights of the XACI card include a fanless 3U build in a space-saving footprint as well as the possibility to access the NEXUS audio bus. The benefit of this approach is that users can now use audio files rather than sine waves for line detection purposes.

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The basic idea behind the AURATUS was to design a compact digital console that could be used in predefined workflows in radio and TV production. Therefore, the AURATUS features not only a hardwired bus layout but also a user interface optimised for quick and simple operation.Product Detail



prod-onairflex2014On Air Flex

The individual broadcast mixing console with an all-new three-part structure. The thing that makes ON AIR flex unique is that its audio processing, user interface elements and control intelligence are strictly separate components.

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Audio Router

nexus_xaci-01Nexus XACI

With its ARM-based Cortex A9 processor, the XACI (NEXUS Advanced Control Interface) provides cutting-edge processing power to satisfy even seemingly outlandish requests, while also enabling even tighter system integration.

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nexus_monitor-control-01Nexus Monitor Control

Monitor Control provides an easy way to monitor signals in NEXUS networks, completely independent of the mixing console. It is aimed as a monitor controller in a sound editing suite or for supervisor monitoring control in large NEXUS networks.

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nexus_xdsp-01Nexus XDSP

The new XDSP signal processing board supplies significantly increased processing power and reserves for resource intensive applications while being no larger than its predecessor and lower in weight.

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nexus_xrt-01Nexus XRT

XRT is part of the fourth generation of NEXUS system fibre-optic boards. For the first time it decouples the audio routing of the fibre-optic interfaces from the Base Device‘s backplane, increasing its routing capacity.

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hxetr-xetrNexus XERT

XETR (4 bidirectional AES3 signals) and HXETR (8 bidirectional AES3 signals) constitute a new generation of AES3 interface boards for NEXUS systems. For the first time, AES3 inputs and outputs are combined on one NEXUS card.

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The NEXUS is a fully digital routing system for audio signals. Designed as a distributed system, the NEXUS comprises multiple Base Devices having a modular structure interconnected by fibre-optic cables.

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