Sonifex is a Private Limited Company owned by the Directors, which manufactures broadcast audio equipment for the radio, TV, security and telecommunications industries. This is a family business, started as a partnership in 1969 by Paul and Dorothy Brooke, which has had a steady turnover of trading, and has established a recognised position in the radio broadcasting industry.



Manufactured to the highest standards in our UK offices, utilisation of the finest components and critical quality control techniques ensure that your Redboxes will work every time for years to come.Each Redbox is tested twice by skilled audio engineers, before being carefully assembled and packed. The Redbox range of products are “fit and forget” because you can set them up, fit them in your installation and then forget about them – they won’t trouble you. Product Detail

Pro Audio Streamers

proaudiosteamerlogo-01Pro Audio Streamers

The Pro Audio Streamers are a range of three IP to audio and audio to IP streamers which have professional analogue and digital inputs and outputs. They allow audio to be streamed around a building, wan or lan using IP audio and CAT5 cabling infrastructure. Product Detail



Telephone hybrids


Telephone hybrids

Telephone hybrids, or telephone balance units (TBUs) provide the interface between professional audio equipment and the public telephone network. They provide protection for your equipment and the public telephone lines, allowing for varying line signals and line conditions. Automatically cancelling out the unwanted signal they also facilitate two-way communication down a single telephone line. Each hybrid has a telephone line connection, a handset connection and separate terminals for audio input and output from a broadcast mixer, or other professional audio source. Product Detail



The S0 is a high quality yet simple to operate radio broadcast mixer ideally suited to community radio stations, for educational purposes and for internet radio. Easy to understand, the S0 includes a telephone hybrid for making and recording telephone calls and a 3.5mm stereo jack for plugging in an mp3 player. The addition of a USB port allows for recording to a PC and for playing a PC automation system directly through the mixer. The headphone outputs have a built in limiter to offer hearing protection and the studio speakers mute when a microphone fader is open, with automatic mic live sign switching. The S0 allows presenters and DJs to be up and running quickly with a fully featured radio studio mixer. Product Detail



The Net-Log is a new way to record and play audio. The Net-Log overcomes the inherent unreliability of PCs for long-term recording by providing a dedicated hardware recording platform that uses a simple network connection for audio playback. Playback software on a network connected PC streams the audio to the desktop where it can be played out or saved as a file.Product Detail

Reference Monitor

referremcemonitorlogo-01Reference Monitor

The Reference Monitor Range is a new series of rack-mount audio monitors, combining the latest DSP technology with outstanding audio enclosure design to produce monitors of the highest standards with exceptional sound quality, a comprehensive feature set and good looks in the rack. Uniquely an embedded 5 band parametric EQ allows you to configure the monitor for your environment or to suit your listening tastes. Product Detail

Signal LED

signalledlogo-01Signal LED

The SignalLED range of illuminated RGB LED signs are a new range of signs designed for outside recording, on-air & production studios, meeting rooms, conference rooms and for fixed installations. The sign itself contains the control electronics, and RGB LEDs are used, so the signs can be simply configured onsite for your particular requirements Product Detail