TV Loudness Control


AERO.2000 – Audio/Loudness Manager

Built upon the highly successful AERO.air, AERO.2000 combines air-proven loudness control, AEROMAX audio processing, Dolby encoding/decoding, unmatched upmixing via UPMAX II, and extensive I/O features.

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aero100AERO.100 – DTV Audio Processor

The ideal all-in-one solution for over the air, over the top, or mobile broadcasting.

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Hybrid dynamic range and loudness control with Advanced ITU Limiter provide set-and-forget compliance and viewer-pleasing quality while included features deliver incredible cost-savings

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Enterprise-wide audio and loudness management deployed on a dedicated AERO.soft processing engine, featuring the same algorithms as AERO.100/1000/2000.

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Metering & Monitoring

LQ-1000 – Loudness Quality Monitor

Provides comprehensive ITU-R BS.1770 loudness and peak level metering of up to eight channels of 5.1-surround and/or stereo AES or SDI audio. HD/SD-SDI I/O is standard.

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upmaxv4UPMAX v4 – Surroundfield Controller

Drawing upon the success of its predecessors, UPMAX v4 produces engaging 5.1-channel audio from two- and three-channel sources with ease and seamlessly transitions between discrete and upmixed audio.

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Metadata & Tools


MT2000 – Multichannel Bitstream Analyzer

A portable, handheld diagnostic tool that can monitor and generate Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby E, and PCM bitstreams anytime, anywhere. Product Detail