Development, manufacture, production and sales of professional video equipment for various applications, development of application-specific software, plus import of electronics products for the Japanese market.

4K Video Switcher


HVS-6000/6000M (NEW!)

Designed for use in 4K(UHD) systems, the HVS-6000 brings 12G-SDI compatibility to all inputs and outputs. Users can operate the unit in the same manner as current HD systems. In an era of video over IP, the HVS-6000 anticipates these needs and enables IP interfaces to be mounted on all I/O slots*. Product Detail
*Planned for future support 


hvs1200_01HVS-1200 (NEW!)

New 12G-SDI 1M/E switcher on the scene

This new switcher builds on the features of the HANABI HVS-100/110 and HVS-490 video switchers and adds 12G-SDI support as standard. One or two M/E switching (in 4K(UHD) and HD mode, respectively) is just the start. Enjoy two or six M/E performance in these modes thanks to FOR-A’s MELite™ technology. The compact, 3U form factor is exceedingly portable, making the HVS-1200 the perfect choice for mobile production or events. Product Detail




The new HVS-2000 engine is a powerful 6 video M/E machine and a game changer in today’s video production switchers. Now with the power in our new HVS-2000 technology, the V6MU engine can be used in a variety of applications. Product Detail





Our newest production switcher, leveraging the creative power of the HANABI series.

HVS-490 switcher inherits key technology of HVS-2000 and HVS-390HS while opening the door to even more affordable 4K production. Exclusive MELite™ technology extends the switcher’s 2 M/Es to offer 6 M/E performance.*1 Expand your switching capabilities even more by assigning FLEXaKEY™ or feature rich 2.5D DVE, for compositing with up to 12 keyers. Take advantage of this truly broad range of switching in live production.
*1 Using an optional HVS-49IO card. In 4K mode, 1 M/E + 1 MELite is available. Product Detail



for_a_hvs_xt110_hd_sd_portable_video_979930Enhanced Muti-functionality and Unbelievable Cost Performance

The newest additions to FOR-A’s Hanabi series of portable video switchers, the HVS-100 and HVS-110 boast exceptional cost performance. Both mixers inherit and improve upon the diverse functions and features of the popular HVS-300HS, including mixed HD/SD input, frame synchronizing, re-sizing engine, 2.5D wipe effects, DVE, Chroma keyer and DSK. The HVS-100 and HVS-110 also have a built-in Web server that lets you change settings from a PC or a tablet. A clip memory feature has been added to the still store to support playback of video or animations and enhances productions through the use of CG wipes, while the multi-viewer meets a diverse range of monitoring needs. The equipment can be used in all types of locations, including live events, sports, news studios, OB vans, editorial offices and presentation venues, making it the ideal tool for shaping the imaginative ideas of video creators.

Product Detail



All the switcher you will ever need

The HVS-390HS is the video switcher offering unparalleled broadcast reliability, performance and versatility with enhanced functionality and operability. Like the other HANABI series, it offers a full range of functionality as standard functions, including mixed HD/SD input, frame synchronizer, 2.5D and 3D wipe effects, DVEs, keyer with chroma key, DSKs, still stores, picture in picture and multi-viewers. In addition to them, the HVS-390HS offering an extreme choice in control surfaces; 6 control panels and 6AUX control panels are available. And more, featuring advanced AUX technology, the HVS-390HS has the capability to be a virtual 6 M/E unit. The unit can be perfect solution in all types of locations, including live events, sports, news studios, OB vans, editorial offices and presentation venues, making it the ideal tool for shaping the imaginative ideas of video creators. Product Detail



Video Routing Switcher




Ready for 4K/8K, the MFR-3000 enables compact system building that requires fewer cables and leaves more rack space (using input / output option with 12G-SDI) and more outputs for production (using innovative multi viewer output).

This routing switcher that builds on the solid performance of our larger MFR-5000/8000 units through redundancy and easy maintenance. Can be expanded by 8 inputs or outputs at a time, up to 64×64. In mixed environments, audio modules can also be added.* Designed for mission critical broadcast facilities, additional environments include hospital surgical rooms, corporate meeting rooms, and research centers. An optimal solution in midsize systems where variable input/output capabilities and mixed signal formats are used. Product Detail




12G-SDI compatibility across all 72 inputs and 72 outputs brings powerful support to 4K and 8K routing

Add up to eight I/O cards, with nine channels per card. Configure a matrix of up to 72 x 72 inputs and outputs. Building on solid MFR series performance, the MFR-4000 inspires confidence in management through redundancy and easy maintenance. What’s more, when adding a 4K matrix with 3G-SDI routers, 12G-SDI support enables single-cable transfer of 4K video without complex cabling and fewer channels. Take advantage of the space saved by reducing cables. Product Detail


Audio Converter


Analog-to-digital audio converter

  • Converts four channels of analog audio to two channels of digital audio
  • Adjustable input impedance (600Ω/high)
  • Adjustable input gain (±6 dB with front dial, ±20 dB via browser)
  • Adjustable analog audio input level (-10/0/4/8 dBu)
  • Adjustable digital audio reference level (-18/-20 dBFS)
  • Adjustable audio silence period (1 to 10 sec)
  • Supports output synced with reference signals from the USF frame
  • SNMP monitoring  Product Detail

Multi Purpose Signal Processor


Provides HDR and Wide Color Gamut support. Offers exceptional conversion format delivery, including 12G, 4K(UHD), 1080p and HD/SD.

Each of the FA-9600 processor’s two HD/SD inputs includes a frame synchronizer. Because the signal processor features 12G-SDI terminals, optional software opens the door to 4K(UHD) production. Adding an optional expansion card provides four more channels of 3G-SDI input/output or six channels of 12G-SDI distributed output. Product Detail


Frame Synchronizer


3G/HD/SD-SDI frame synchronizer

  • Splits a 3G/HD/SD-SDI source selected from two inputs, for distributed output to four ports
  • FS mode: Adjusts phases and syncs asynchronous SDI signals to genlock signals
  • Automatic muting for detected audio errors
  • 16-channel audio sample rate converter (SRC)
  • Audio delay adjustment for each channel (up to 1,000 ms), and audio channel remapping
  • Audio downmixing for linear PCM
  • Seamless switching of audio and video inputs
  • H/V ancillary data pass-through (synchronous input only)
  • Proc amp, video clip, video delay, and freeze
  • 16-channel embedded audio support (asynchronous audio support for 3G/HD-SDI)
  •  SNMP monitoring

Product Detail

IP Gateway


vcsprasset_3310842_62954_a60aaac4-787c-487e-bda0-1a12d3823494_0_789_340_70_sUSF-10IP Series

IP Gateway module for IP to IP, IP to SDI, or SDI to IP conversion

Video over IP module for Universal System Frame USF-212AS. Dual 10 GbE (SFP+) module that converts input data between IP formats and between IP and SDI.Compatible with 4K (2SI/SQD) and multi-format* input and output.* Product Detail

4K/HD Up/Down Converter

usf106udc12g_0112G-SDI 4K/HD up/down converter

  • Supports 3840x2160 single link 12G-SDI
  • Supports 3840x2160 quad link (2SI/SQD) 3G-SDI(input and output are switched from a menu)
  • 3G-SDI Level-A/B conversion
  • Dynamic range conversion
  • Converts between ITU-R BT.2020/709
  • 16-channel embedded audio support
  • Sync modes: Frame, Line, AVDL
  • Browser-based control via dedicated software GUI
  • SNMP monitoring

Product Detail

USF Modular Series


Ready for a range of audio and 4K video testing with 12G-SDI/IP systems

Creates 4K signals (UHD 3840 x 2160p, Full 4K 4096 x 2160p). 4K video signals that are output at 60p/59.94p/50p can be distributed from 12G-SDI lines to 4 outputs and Video over IP interface to 2 outputs. 2 lines of 3G/HD-SDI outputs are also supported and controlled independently (optional). Product Detail


Video/Audio Distribution Amplifier


12G-SDI 5-output digital video distributor

  • Supports SDI 12 Gbps, 3 Gbps, 1.5 Gbps, or 270 Mbps signals
  • DVB-ASI (270 Mbps) also supported
  • SNMP monitoring. Product Detail



12G-SDI 11-output digital video distributor

  • Supports SDI 12 Gbps, 3 Gbps, 1.5 Gbps, or 270 Mbps signals
  • DVB-ASI (270 Mbps) also supported. Product Detail



5-output unbalanced digital audio distributor

  • Expandable to 20 outputs, using four modules
  • LTC and word clock distribution also supported
  • SNMP monitoring Product Detail

Multi Viewer



MV-4000 Series

Up to 68 inputs, with 8-monitor/114-window outputs. Simplifies 4K workflows by accepting mixed input, including 12G-SDI. Layouts for each output can be freely customized.

Product Detail