DirectOut GmbH was founded in 2008 by a team of professional sound engineers headed up by Stephan Flock. The company specializes in developing essential pro audio connectivity, networking and bridging solutions for broadcast, studio, live and installed sound applications.

Unique in that all members of the DirectOut development team are still active professional sound engineers, the company is thus fully focused on real-world demands and problem solving.

The product range, marketed under the brand of DirectOut Technologies®, offers solutions that build bridges between different audio worlds and make systems and formats more flexible. Audio formats supported include MADI, SoundGrid, Dante, RAVENNA and the standards AES67 and SMPTE ST2110-30.

Headquartered in Mittweida, Germany, DirectOut products are distributed worldwide.

Audio Converter



PRODIGY.MC is a modular audio converter that supports multiple formats, offering flexible I/O, networked audio, and extremely powerful hardware and software – in only 2RU of space.

PRODIGY.MC has been designed to address numerous applications in pro audio, broadcast, installation and studio applications, using a single hardware frame.

Product Detail


MONTONE.42 is MADI (AES10) to Audio-over-IP bridge based on RAVENNA audio networking technology and supporting AES67 and SMPTE ST2110-30. As the demand for Ethernet-based transmissions in professional audio environments increases, MONTONE.42 provides seamless integration of network audio with existing infrastructures. 
Equipped with four MADI and two gigabit network ports, it serves as a versatile link for broadcast, live-sound and studio applications. The network ports support redundant audio streaming as per ST2022-7.

Product Detail

Audio Router


M.1K2 is a scalable 16-port MADI router that provides a powerful routing matrix for up to 1024 x 1024 audio channels that fills the gap between small scale routing devices and large cross bar solutions. The device features two I/O slots that can be fitted with BNC, SC optical or SFP 8-MADI-port I/O modules. It may be operated with one I/O 8-port module and upgraded to 16 ports as required.

Product Detail

Audio Switcher


MADI.BRIDGE is an 8-port (8 x 64 channel) MADI switcher and router with remote control* and a preset memory. It features six coaxial (BNC) and two optical (SC) MADI I/Os to link between MADI devices from any manufacturer. 
Recently updated and redesigned, it acts as a patchbay, signal distributor, signal buffer and input selector all in one device. New features include redundant power supplies, a USB port to enable firmware updates for future enhancements and additional remote control* capabilities.

Product Detail



ANDIAMO.MC is a high-end 32-channel mic preamp and AD/DA MADI converter with a full MADI routing matrix that forms part of DirectOut Technologies‘ extensive range of premium quality MADI converters. It allows the conversion of mic level signals into MADI digital format. 32 line outputs in balanced line level analogue format offer comfortable monitoring or stage returns. Sophisticated design and a high level of integration have resulted in a compact, easy-to-handle 2U 19” form factor, ideal for studios, OB vans or other live recording environments where rack space is limited.

The device can be operated locally or remotely via the ANDIAMO Remote software. Supported remote methods are USB, D.O.NET, ‘MIDI over MADI’, ‘Serial over MADI’ and from mixing console.

Product Detail

2he_andiamo-aes-src-01ANDIAMO.AES (SRC)

ANDIAMO.AES is part of the ANDIAMO family of powerful, high-end MADI converters. ANDIAMO.AES is a bi-directional, 64-channel AES3/MADI interface with a built-in routing matrix. It is equipped with 2 MADI Ports and 32 AES3 I/Os and can simultaneously convert 64 channels of audio from AES3 to MADI and vice-versa. The device is housed in a compact 2U 19” casing for efficient use of rack space. 

ANDIAMO.AES is also available in an SRC version with sample rate converters on the first 16 AES3 inputs switchable in groups of eight channels to handle asynchronous signals. The device may be operated locally or remotely via the ANDIAMO Remote software. Supported remote methods are USB, D.O.NET, ‘MIDI over MADI’ and ‘Serial over MADI’.

Product Detail

Audio Monitoring


KYRA is a 1U audio monitoring device for signal control in MADI environments such as broadcast or PA installations. 
It incorporates an 8 x 2 mixer, allowing the operator to set up an 8-channel stereo mix from either eight mono or four stereo channels from the incoming MADI stream. 
The monitor mix is output to a pair of integrated speakers on the front panel. 
A headphone output on the front panel and a balanced line output on the rear are also provided as well as an AES3 I/O on the rear panel which allows for monitoring an AES3 signal or outputting the main mix.

Product Detail

Signal Generator/Analysis


ANNA-LISA is a compact, handheld MADI analysis tool and signal generator for MADI. 
Battery powered, it is an essential tool for engineers in broadcast facilities, OB vehicles, touring PA systems working with MADI. results are displayed via LEDs on the front of the device allowing engineers to rapidly confirm the integrity of MADI signals of all types, and to identify any problems occurring as a result of MADI transmission. 
Remote software delivers access to extended analysis and configuration of test signals, broadening the application to systems engineering and product development labs.

Product Detail