Audio consoles


Developed for the highest demands in radio and TV broadcast environments, the RX2 is perfect for modern workflows in on-air studios, main control rooms and OB vans. A large 10.1″ touch display for each console section provides you with all options to configure a customised mixer layout with exactly those buttons, meters and settings you need. This makes daily onair production quick and easy.

Product Detail

20180823-dhd-audio-rx2-sx2-0092_grey-cropped-800x358MIXING CONSOLE SX2 – COMPACT MIXER (NEW!)

The SX2 is a modular mixing console for radio and other broadcast applications. The price-optimised mixer is ideal for on-air studios, audio workstations and smaller OB vans.

Console sizes are adaptive and range from 4 to 16 faders. The central module (52-5614) has four faders and a central section for monitoring, talkback and central controls. The fader modules (52-5620) feature 6 faders. All faders are motorised and allow a second layer for up to 16 channels.

Product Detail



The COMPACT MIXING CONSOLE 52/SX is the new powerful modular mixing console system made by DHD for radio and TV applications. It is ideal for on-air and pre-production in broadcast studios, at audio workstations and in smaller OB vans. Designed for smaller applications, it complements DHD’s product lines 52/MX and 52/RX. The 52/SX is superseding the RM2200D (produced since 2003), however now basing on the Series 52 firmware platform. Product Detail


The MIXING CONSOLE 52/MX is presented in a completely new design, with its redeveloped control desk basing on single-fader modules, control modules and touch-sensitive TFT displays. Due to its new colour, hand rest and angled ergonomic shape, the 52/MX also visually stands out from its predecessors. A wide range of control and fader modules as well as various console frame sizes makes it easy to create the right mixer according to the customer’s requirements. Product Detail


The MIXING CONSOLE 52/RX, with its 4 to 48 faders, resembles the layout of its predecessing models RM4200D and RM3200D. At the same time, it features prominent advantages of the Series 52, e.g. linking via Ethernet, operation of up to 4 independent mixers with one DSP Frame, and the freely configurable TFT Views. Due to module sizes similar to the mentioned systems, existing RM4200D systems can easily be extended to be a Series 52 mixer by replacing the control modules and upgrading to the Toolbox5 software and the RM420-852/853 Communication Controller, while keeping DSP Frame, I/O modules, table installation frames and studio furniture unchanged. Product Detail

Audio Router



The MADI ROUTER 52/XR disposes of 48 MADI inputs and 48 MADI outputs, internal DSP functions, and built-in full redundancy and has a total matrix size of 4096 x 4096 channels and 16 million possible crosspoints. Control of the router is effected with the aid of an application software with matrix and list view, sub-matrices, user right management, and a powerful scheduler for switching processes. Control using key panels, serial protocol or TCP/IP is also possible. 


The modular MADI BREAKOUT 52/MB for mobile and indoor applications disposes of 14 or 28 slots for XLR or SDI input or output modules. Parameters, e.g. for analogue pre-amplification, can be remotely controlled via MADI or TCP/IP. A standard MADI interface serves for interconnecting it to DHD mixing consoles or systems of other manufacturers.