ADAM Audio was founded in March 1999 in Berlin. Since then the company has been developing, manufacturing and distributing loudspeakers in the field of Professional Audio.The development of the X-ART (eXtended Accelerating Ribbon Technology) tweeter based on the 1960’s invention of the Air Motion Transformer by Oskar Heil was largely responsible for the company’s founding. Producing sound not with a piston-like diaphragm as is done in most of the loudspeakers that are on the market, but using a pleated diaphragm that is capable of moving the air 4 times faster than the folds themselves are moving was the appealing idea behind it all. The achieved results were intriguing and gave ample reason for moving forward

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S Series

The S Series is ADAM Audio’s new flagship reference monitoring range. The range is the combination of many years of advanced in-house engineering innovation at ADAM Audio and the latest computer aided design techniques, and does not employ off-the-shelf loudspeaker technology. Innovations created specifically for the S Series include: completely new woofers and mid-range drivers, newly designed waveguides for the S Series tweeter (and the mid-range driver on the S5 models), and a new DSP engine which provides crossover optimization, voicing options and expansion potential.The result of all this technical effort is a set of loudspeakers with an accurate frequency response and wide, consistent dispersion, offering enhanced detail in the bass and mid-frequencies, and high overall performance.  Product Detail


f-seriesF Series

Consisting of two nearfield monitors and a dedicated subwoofer, the F Series is designed in the tradition of the legendary ADAM professional monitors. The aim is to focus on the essence of ADAM speakers at a new, lower price point.

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ax-seriesAX Series

Finally, two completely new models complement the AX-Series. The A3X is now ADAMs smallest monitor ever, and the larger A8X opens the door to midfield monitoring and is the top of the AX line.

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SX Series

The SX-Series offers monitors designed and built for no-compromise professional use. ADAM Audio’s experience based on many years of intense research and development in the field of electro-acoustics combined with selected, high-quality electronic components and materials results in these top class studio monitors. An excellent transient response, clear sound quality and a broad versatility have made the SX-Series monitors coveted tools in recording studios around the world. Product Detail




All subwoofers up to the Sub2100 feature a number of controls to adapt to different room acoustics and requirements.

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