Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, November 2016: Audio Loudness standards has been a substantial issue for many dsc00558broadcasters worldwide. The common practice among broadcasters using only Peak Meters (PPMs) is less accurate in monitoring the true audio loudness level. Instead EBU have published loudness recommendation ‘EBUR128’, where broadcasters can measure and normalise audio by using loudness meters. That being said, RTM, Malaysia National Broadcast stations understand the issue, and decided to update their old metering for state-of-the-art audio metering RTW TM3 for TV Studio 5. The old metering is obsolete and had been replaced by the professional audio monitor TM3 which consists of loudness metering, true Peak and PPM metering. The purchased have been coordinated by Stagetec Asia, a trusted distributor of RTW.
As claimed by RTW, TM3 is a touch screen model with only 4.3” size where loudness is simplified. The size factor is an added value as it is ideal and convenient for RTM TV Studio 5 which is mainly been use for the news production. Not only that, It may handles analog or digital stereo signals (TM3) and digital 6-channel signals (TM3-6CH). The flexible user interface allows users to select up to 10 presets quickly with just a finger swipe.
“It is important for news broadcasters to be aware of the audio quality especially when the audio is being transmitted to the national viewers. Despite of compact size, we are amazed with its friendly interface, which is easy for our engineers to calibrate and technical producers monitor the audio levels thoroughly”. Highlighted Puan Mashira, News Engineer in RTM.