Session Summary

Are you working in an audio industry whether its broadcast, live sound, audio visual or studio production that use audio distribution over internet protocol in daily basis? Are you seeking for an Audio over IP technology information? Or are you seeking a career advancement opportunity within your job portfolio?

 This two days session, we are bringing a comprehensive approach in tackling new ‘audio format over IP’ created by Audinate named Dante. Dante is an uncompressed, multi channel digital media networking technology, with near-zero latency and synchronisation. Thus conquering the most preferred audio networking solutions in industry would step up your game by understanding where the challenges may be and its implementation.

 In this certification training , you will learn Dante extended possibilities as we covers Dante in order from basic, intermediate (level 1 & 2) to advanced level of certification (level 3).

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 Program Outline

Level 1 Certification- Introduction to Dante

-Test out profecciency of basic dante audio networking concept,

-Creating small -scale dante network

-learn how to use Dante controller

-learn how to use Dante virtual soundcard


Level 2 Certification- Intermediate Dante

-Test out profeciency intermediate Dante audio networking concept

-Dante redundancy




 Level 3 Certification – Advanced Dante

-Focus on advanced dante system application

-the best practice using dante networking    


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Audinate Certified Trainer


danu_picDanu Vino,

Technical Training Program Manager, Audinate.

As the Technical Training Program Manager at Audinate, Danu helps develop, manage and navigate the Dante Certification Program at Audinate, as well as conduct training events as needed. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Music Industry and Mass Communication from Minnesota State University Moorhead, MN. Danu previously owned and operated Levitez Productions, a recording studio and production house in Colombo, Sri Lanka, and has worked as a musician and sound reinforcement technician for various local events and houses of worship in Sri Lanka and the United States.