Malaysia, March 2013

Astro adopting Loudness Standards in collaboration with Salzbrenner Stagetec Media Academy

Measat Broadcast Network System Sdn Bhd or more popularly known as Astro is currently in the path of adopting loudness management based on the ITU 1770 standards in order to streamline the current loudness within channels and cross channel. The exercise was to incorporate the loudness metering and processing instead of using Levels which do not represent the human hearing perception.

Astro appointed Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup to be their audio consultant and to also provide training and awareness to all their staff. As a part of Stagetec’s commitment towards the standardization, Jean Paul Moerman, from their headquarters in Germany flew in to consult, validate and train the staff of Astro under their training arm, Salzbrenner Stagetec Media Academy.

The training and consultancy took more than a week to visit all the facilities in Astro including Studio Production, MCR and transmission, Post Production Studio and Astro in house produced Astro Arena and Astro Awani.

“We needed to know what was the best way to move towards a uniform loudness. With the expertize that Jean Paul has with other international broadcaster, he has provided us with a deep insight to build our foundation and go beyond to provide our customers with uniform and superior audio quality” says Gautaman Ramasamy, Project Champion of Astro Audio Committee.

“Astro has one of the most complex platform for any broadcaster and with proper loudness management, we can see that the audio quality has improved dramatically” say David Chan, Managing Director of Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup Asia

“In order to properly manage loudness, it will take a team like the Astro Audio Committee to champion the project. Astro is very much ready for loudness and are on the right path. Given a little more training and awareness, I believe that they will master the loudness format in no time” says Jean Paul Moerman.