The Next Generation Audio – Audio Over IP


Course Overview:  At the broadcast, production or origination end of the spectrum, we’ll need to rethink our Audio systems to accommodate the growing requirement of the next generation audio. Audio TDM technology based routers and embedded SDI audio have been around since mid-nineties. AIOP has matured and become the new kid on the block with AES 67, Dante and Ravenna for interoperability. The goal is to champion AIOP technologies and extending your portfolio of specialities and skills.


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • understand underlying IP network technology
  • understand AoIP fundamentals
  • advantages and disadvantages of AoIP
  • Distinguish between different AoIP concept
  • know practical application and implementations
  • understand how to set up AoIP network
  • be able to set up, run world class live broadcast using AoIP

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