The new multichannel format 5.1.4 with Z-plane, which had its world premiere at IBC, will also be demonstrated in AURUS platinum in Tokyo. 3D audio is becoming increasingly important in the professional audio arena. In music and TV productions, in the cinema, at live events and in the theatre, the three-dimensional soundscapes that 3D audio creates evoke a more emotional response for consumers. For many years AURUS has offered true multichannel format capability for parallel mixes in 5.1 and stereo or mixes up to 7.1. As of software release 4.7 3D audio can be mixed with four overhead speakers in AURUS platinum. With this expansion, we are setting new standards in AURUS platinum since there are only a few consoles in the world that can mix 3D.

Meet Stage Tec at Interbee in Tokyo with our distributor Tech Trust Japan Co. in hall 1, booth 1303!