Stagetec Asia is an established company that provide audio, video & media solutions for broadcast industry. Stagetec Asia is representing a full spectrum of top-notch world wide equipment that develop custom solutions for major broadcasters. Based in Malaysia, Stagetec Asia is a direct subsidiary of Stage Tec Gmbh, a Berlin based manufacturer of broadcast grade professional audio mixer consoles and audio router. Stagetec Asia oversee the distributions of Stagetec Products in the Southeast and Asia Pacific region. In Stagetec Asia, we believe in embracing the latest technology and synergies the state of the art equipment, to provide a solutions that support the diverse requirement of modern infrastructures, TV and radio broadcasters. We quest to provide you with only the best, precise solutions. Empowering us to make the impossible and let us assist you to achieve your goal and success.Read More




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Stage Tec IP production at the Congress of the Chaos Computer Club

Stage Tec sponsors international hacker congress with ON AIR flex and NEXUS

Berlin, Germany, January 2019: Stage Tec, the Berlin-based manufacturer of professional audio technology, sponsored a fully IP-based live production at the 35th Congress of the Chaos Computer Club (35C3). Five ON AIR flex mixing consoles and six NEXUS Base Devices were provided for the international hacker scene meeting from the 27th to the 30th of December 2018.  (Read More)

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Stagetec Asia brings products that serve your purposes. Providing all supports for complete audio infrastructure network and core equipment. Our line of products ranging from audio mixer, audio loudness, audio metering, many more


Stagetec Asia provide a comprehensive audio for TV, Radio broadcast and live-sound solutions . Find out more on our services


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